As if we needed another reason to love Jennifer Aniston! While recently appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the We’re The Millers actress revealed the one thing she loves doing naked. “Watch TV. Yeah. Is that weird?” she asked Ellen DeGeneres as the two played an on-air game of Burning Questions.

“I mean at night if you get into bed and you watch TV,” Jen added. The 49-year-old confessed her guilty pleasure after also telling Ellen that she used to charge $10 to cut others’ hair in high school and that her first crush was Shaun Cassidy.


“Oh sure, OK,” Ellen responded, referring to Jen’s naked activity. “I thought you would say sunbathing or something like that.” Jennifer jokingly replied, “Oh, that too.” Perhaps the Friends star had no problem admitting her favorite downtime activity to the 60-year-old host considering the two are good pals.

While talking on the show, the two additionally discussed Jen’s upcoming 50th birthday. Though one usually dreads turning the big 5-0, Jen feels “fantastic” and is looking forward to embarking on this new chapter in her life.

Ellen even revealed that she has something planned for Jen to celebrate her birthday in February. “I’m doing a party for you, on this show. I am going to have an entire hour,” Ellen explained. “You know how fun my birthday is, you’ve been here for my birthday. And you know how special and surprises and stuff. What if we have your birthday here, for the whole hour, we celebrate you? I meant it.”

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It looks like Jen enjoyed the sound of that considering she asked Ellen if the party could last longer than just an hour. “Is it greedy of me to say that we go to your house and have an afterparty?” she asked, and Ellen replied, “We’ll talk about that, we’ll figure that out.” Too funny!

Not only will Jen be celebrating an upcoming milestone birthday in early 2019, but the actress is also celebrating the release of her newest movie, Dumplin’. For her role, Jen plays a former beauty queen whose plus-size teenage daughter, nicknamed “Dumplin’,” signs up for her mom’s pageant in protest.

If you’re interested in seeing Jennifer star in Dumplin’, the movie is in theaters and on Netflix now!