The more the merrier! Jennifer Aniston is getting herself a brand new set of friends after splitting from her second ex-husband, Justin Theroux, last year. Even though her BFF will always be Courteney Cox, Jennifer, 49, has recently been spending a lot of time with X-Men actress Rebecca Romijn and her husband, Jerry O’Connell.

“She’s able to let her hair down around Jerry and Rebecca in a way that she couldn’t when she was with Justin, who was being a snob and only willing to hang out with other A-listers on Jen’s level,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly. “That was very important to him, but for Jen it isn’t about social climbing at all — they’re nice people and she has let them into her circle and her dinner party ‘club.’”

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell
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Jennifer’s dinner parties are super exclusive, so if Jerry, 44, and Rebecca, 46, are getting an invite then that’s a big deal! The insider said that Jen is “so popular to begin with” because “under all the craziness of her life she is a very chilled out, down-to-earth person,” and that’s what Jerry and Rebecca adore about the star.

“Even though Jen likes to talk about how she’s still the same person she was when she and Justin were living under the same roof, she’s absolutely mellowed out and is keeping her options open and not boxing anybody out because they don’t fit some imaginary idea of status,” the source noted.

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Jerry and Rebecca aren’t the only new friends that Jen has recently made. She has apparently also grown very close to Sandra Bullock because the actress has been really supportive following Jen’s breakup with Justin. “Jen looks up to Sandra as one of the most impressive people she’s ever known. They hang out a lot, usually at each other’s houses in LA, and Sandra helps Jen with everything she’s going through,” an insider recently told Heat magazine. “She immediately made herself available at any time, day or night, for Jen to call.”