Jennifer Aniston is getting candid about her younger years.

In a new interview, the 47-year-old actress opened up about her high school style — and hilariously referred to herself as a “goth nightmare!”

“High school was tragic,” she joked to People. “[I was] just not well-informed. You know, you’re experimenting. It was the 80s and I looked like a goth nightmare.”

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Jen in 1990.

“I wasn’t going for most beautiful,” Jen — who is now one of Hollywood’s biggest style icons — added. “It was, ‘How can I be the most rebelliously unattractive?'”

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Over the years the Friends
star has realized beauty actually starts from the inside. “We’ve got to be really mindful of what we put inside our bodies,” she said. “And how we sleep and take care of ourselves. You can get away with a lot in your 20s.”

“[Beauty is] really learning to love every single thing about yourself,” Jen said. “And also realizing that it’s not just sort of clothes and what’s happening [on the outside].”