Their bond has remained strong after many years, but that didn’t happen overnight, as Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock have found themselves relating on many levels.

“I was trying to think of my first impression of you, and, like almost everyone’s first impression of you, it was on the television. And I was trying to remember if that was the person who I got to meet,” the Gravity actress, 55, told the Friends alum, 51, during a sit-down with Interview magazine. “I remember the first thing I thought of you was, ‘A beautiful woman who has extraordinary timing is almost impossible to find.’ You allowed yourself to look foolish, heartbroken, clumsy, like an idiot. I think that’s why everyone feels so comfortable in your presence. You said, ‘Yeah, I might look like this, but guess what? I have the same failings and insecurities you do.’ I remember thinking, ‘God, I hope she’s really like that. If she’s not, I’m going to be so bummed.'”

“So pissed,” The Morning Show star chimed in with, before Sandra continued, “I mean, you can be an a–hole but you’re so charming! You really have a way of pushing joy and positivity. You do that in your work, but you also do it so effortlessly with everyone you allow into your home and into your life.”

Sandra Bullock
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“Anyone who has the honor of being in your home and in your life doesn’t want to leave because it’s safe, it’s emotional, it’s joyous. What is it that allows you to stay buoyant and keep from getting discouraged when things don’t go the right way?” the Oscar winner asked.

“First of all, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I think that it comes from growing up in a household that was destabilized and felt unsafe, watching adults being unkind to each other, and witnessing certain things about human behavior that made me think: ‘I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to experience this feeling I’m having in my body right now. I don’t want anyone else that I ever come in contact with ever to feel that,'” Jennifer responded. “So I guess I have my parents to thank. You can either be angry or be a martyr, or you can say, ‘You’ve got lemons? Let’s make lemonade.'”

Jennifer Aniston
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“That’s another way we can relate to each other, in that the destabilizing things in life can either sink you or invigorate you to change and do better,” the Speed actress explained. “I look at you at your dinner table, because you sit at the same place all the time, and you are surrounded by these extraordinary people that you’ve known for so long. Everyone is along for the journey, and you share. The conversation about women supporting each other and coming together is new.” So incredible!

It is clear these two A-listers’ bond will never break — even if they date the same actor!