Hoda Kotb’s latest wardrobe malfunction on Today was equal parts hilarious and shocking! The NBC personality had cohost Jenna Bush Hager by her side to offer up some words of encouragement after the debacle.

On Thursday, July 4, Hoda, 59, and Jenna, 42, hosted a special holiday episode of Today With Hoda and Jenna, complete with red white and blue outfits and American flags on their desk.

During the broadcast, Hoda confessed that she felt rather uncomfortable in the red dress she was wearing.

“The bra’s not working. The outfit doesn’t work. The bra’s too big, the straps are too small. I can’t do it. You know when you wear a dress that you shouldn’t wear it,” she told Jenna.

“You know when you’re like, ‘Everything’s hanging out. It’s not right.’ But you know what, I just decided I’m going to do it,” the Hope Is a Rainbow author continued on about her outfit. “Have you ever gone to a party and gone, ‘It’s fine.’ And then you spend the whole party pulling and shoving and stuffing? It’s not good.”

“Or you have too much cleavage and you don’t love it to begin with,” Jenna chimed in, to which Hoda responded, “I don’t want it. I don’t want it, it’s too much.”

It was then that Hoda began questioning whether or not she was “falling out” of her dress.

“Will you ever just free your boobs?” Jenna asked Hoda, who quipped, “No! No! No!”

Jenna Bush Hager Offers to Take Hoda Kotb's Bra Off on Today
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

“Free your boobs, Hoda. It’s time,” Jenna urged during the candid chat. “At this point in your life when you’re turning almost 60, free your boobs. Let’s free them. You want me to take your bra off for you?”

“No I don’t!” Hoda declared before Jenna said she would “do it real quick and slide it through.” But Hoda held firm on not wanting to take her bra off while on-air.

This wasn’t the only time the duo has had some crazy commentary about their wardrobes on their morning talk show. Just last week, Jenna shared that her son, Hal, “humiliated” her after seeing her get dressed in the family’s home.

“Recently, while I’m getting dressed — if I do makeup, hair, outfit — which is what I like, Hal likes to come in there and say, ‘Look at your nickels. I like your nickels,’” the former first daughter shared during an episode of the show on July 1. “Now he’s talking about something else … it’s nipples. But he said, ‘Look at your big nickels.’ And then I feel a little humiliated in my own home.”

“Do you care about walking around naked with your kids around?” Hoda asked Jenna after the confession.

“No I don’t. But not in a gross way,” Jenna said, to which Hoda replied, “I’m not saying it’s gross, why are you getting offended?”

“I’m just saying. But also, I’m not walking around. I’m in the privacy of my own bathroom,” Jenna admitted. “And I don’t have much time because guess what I have to go do down there? Prepare his little food.”