If you watched Today With Hoda and Jenna on Monday, July 8, you might have noticed something very strange during the episode.

Hoda Kotb began a segment by talking about how it was “a big week for the Jenna Bush Hager family.” Just after she finished her sentence, a photo of “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper flashed on the screen.

Hoda, 59, could be heard giggling as the photo remained on the screen. Jenna, 42, also laughed as the picture then faded from the screen after a few lingering moments.

“That’s not my child but if it was, she’s lovely,” the former first daughter said.

Alex, 29, was a guest on Today earlier that morning. However, the photo of her appeared just as Jenna began talking about dropping both of her daughters, Mila and Poppy, off at summer camp. Still, Jenna and Hoda proved once again why they are one of the most popular broadcasting duos, quickly moving past the blip and continuing on with the segment as normal.

A photo of Jenna with her daughters then flashed on the screen, showing the moments before Mila, 11, and Poppy, 8, got on the bus to head to camp. “Look at my mouth in that,” Jenna told Hoda, pointing out how sad she looked to be leaving her girls.

“That’s the face that I’ve seen on the show when the dam is about to break,” Hoda said, to which Jenna responded, “The dam broke. Little tears under my big sunglasses.”

Jenna Bush Hager Laughs Off Hilarious Error on Today
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Jenna went on to explain that dropping off her daughters at the summer camp she once attended as a child was bittersweet. “Two of my three hearts are far away from me,” she candidly said. The Sisters First author shares Mila, Poppy and son Hal with husband Henry Hager.

It wasn’t the first time the show’s hosts experienced a minor technical blip while live on the air. In September 2022, Al Roker appeared during a virtual Today segment in Colorado, however, his audio cut out, which confused viewers and folks in the studio back in New York City.

Savannah Guthrie, who was standing by in the Big Apple, seemed to not know that her microphone was on. She could be heard uttering, “What do I do?”

Afterward, Savannah, 52, decided to say Al’s signature catchphrase, “Alright and now let’s get a check of the weather in your neck of the woods.”

She said, “I’ve always wanted to do tha-” before she was cut off abruptly.

But you can always count on the Today stars to keep things interesting on the show, even in times of mishaps or shocking blunders.

During the special 4th of July episode of Today, Hoda and Jenna shocked viewers with their raunchy conversation about Hoda’s wardrobe. The beloved TV host revealed that she was a bit uncomfortable in the red outfit she was wearing.

“The bra’s not working. The outfit doesn’t work. The bra’s too big, the straps are too small. I can’t do it. You know when you wear a dress that you shouldn’t wear it,” Hoda said.

“Free your boobs, Hoda. It’s time,” Jenna said later on in the conversation. “At this point in your life when you’re turning almost 60, free your boobs. Let’s free them. You want me to take your bra off for you?”