There’s no bad blood between former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and his successor Jimmy Fallon!

In fact, Jay reveals to Closer that the two chat at least once a week! “You know, you have to know when your time is up,” the 63-year-old tells the mag about his departure last month from the long-running talk show.

“I mean, I get it. I have no problem with it. I like Jimmy. Jimmy is a good friend of mine. We talk once or twice a week, and I think he’s doing a great job with the show.”

jimmy fallon

Fallon performing with Justin Timberlake on the new Tonight Show

The comedian also acknowledges that the SNL alum does certain sketches on the show that he could never pull off. “He can do things – I can’t do a duet with Jay Z. He brings a new, fresh look to it. I mean I was the young guy once and I know what that was like so it’s fun to go through the whole span,” says Jay.

The interviewer, who is currently working on his automotive-themed YouTube show Jay Leno’s Garage, also shares what he’s been up to in his free time now that he’s not manning The Tonight Show desk.

“Well I enjoy working in my garage and doing stuff like that. I fixed the washing machine yesterday,” Jay tells Closer at the Television Academy Hall of Fame inductee ceremony. But the star remained humble about his handyman abilities. “Washing machines are really straightforward. They’re not really complicated.”