Her little blessing! Janet Jackson is a multitalented songstress, dancer and most importantly, a mom. The “Rhythm Nation” singer gave birth to her first child, Eissa, in January 2017. Since welcoming her baby boy into the world, Janet has embraced motherhood and is constantly sharing how much her life has changed for the better. Keep scrolling to learn more about her only child. 

Who Is Janet Jackson’s Son, Eissa?

Janet married Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana in 2012. In June 2016, the hitmaker announced that she was canceling her Unbreakable World Tour to focus on starting a family. Speculation grew that she was pregnant. She confirmed her pregnancy at the age of 50 in October 2016. Three months after Eissa was born, Janet and Wissam separated and headed toward divorce. Janet has since opened up about being a single mom.

“It is hard being a working mother,” Janet told Stellar in 2019. “I don’t have a nanny. I do it all myself. If my mother did it with nine children, there’s no reason I can’t. Of course, when I’m working someone watches him, but it’s my baby and me. It’s not easy at times, but my life has changed. Obviously, my baby comes first.”

The five-time Grammy winner is rather private when it comes to sharing photos of Eissa on social media. However, Janet did post a rare glimpse of her son after naptime in 2017. Fans have seen photos of some of Eissa’s toys and interests including eating music note-shaped pancakes, playing the violin and watching Paw Patrol. The youngster has already demonstrated a love for music just like his mom.

Music Superstar Janet Jackson Absolutely Loves Being a Mom! Meet Her Son Eissa 
Courtesy of Janet Jackson/Instagram

“​​I also have a special place in my heart for Bruno Mars. Bruno was really the first music my son responded to,” the global superstar told Billboard in May 2018. “During and after his birth, I comforted myself with Brazilian jazz, music that always relaxes me. Then when the baby began crawling, Bruno was breaking out big and on the radio all the time. That delighted both of us. Bruno is a throwback to the days when the greatest artists could do it all: write, sing, dance, produce.”

Eissa’s musical influences don’t end there. Janet shared in a 2019 radio interview with Carrie & Tommy that her son is “incredibly musical” and has “really good pitch.” Eissa takes inspiration from Janet’s late brother, Michael Jackson, and his dynamic music catalog.

Music Superstar Janet Jackson Absolutely Loves Being a Mom! Meet Her Son Eissa 
Courtesy of Janet Jackson/Instagram

“He does this thing that my brother did from ‘Doesn’t Really Care About Us,’ the march and the hand,” the pop diva said. “He does a few things. He does the head. He loves ‘Smooth Criminal.'”

In 2019 as Janet prepared for her performance at the Glastonbury Festival, she shared with The Sunday Times that Eissa attended her rehearsals. The youngest Jackson sibling also went on to add how much becoming a mom has changed her schedule.

“I’ve slowed down a great deal. I don’t rehearse as many hours as I used to because of being with my baby,” Janet said. “My days have been cut in half so I can spend that time with him.”