Amicable! Jane Seymour has been married four times in her life, and while it didn’t work out with any of them, the actress revealed that she is still friends with all of her exes.

“Every. Single. One,” the 68-year-old told The Times of being friends with her ex-husbands. “I intended to be married forever [each time]. It was my partners who didn’t,” she continued. Currently, the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman alum is dating British film producer David Green, 70, who she has been seeing since 2015, but do not expect her to get married a fifth time.

David Green Jane Seymour
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“There’s no reason. I have a great relationship and financially we’re both independent,” the Golden Globes winner explained. “More than anything it’s a question of having a partner you love and enjoying the best you can [during] the time we have left.” And Jane is very grateful to have someone like Green in her life, adding, “I don’t know how many people I could be dating who, when I wake up at three in the morning to go to work, will actually not get angry at me for waking them up and will jump out of bed and get me a cup of coffee.”

Jane was most recently married to actor James Keech from 1993 to 2015. Her previous marriages involved David Flynn (1981-1992), Geoffrey Planer (1977-1978), and Michael Attenborough (1971-1973).

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And while she’s getting up there in age, Jane is still looking and feeling great, and people are always asking her what the secret behind that is. “I sleep for seven hours and eat healthy food,” she told the outlet. “I have a green juice in the morning made from my organic garden: kale, apple, celery, ginger and a couple of carrots.” She adds, “I take a fast walk on the beach three times a week. And I do Pilates and gyrotonics with the trainer across the street once a week.”

Jane recently revealed that despite her age, she still feels sexy. I don’t do Botox and I’m happy to fly the flag for older women. I’ve got plenty of wrinkles though,” she told Closer! Magazine.