Jane Fonda isn’t one to keep her mouth shut — as a political activist, she’s been known to raise awareness for serious issues and truly try to make a difference.

Which is why the 77-year-old, who recently admitted she reinvented herself after the age of 60, has taken to her blog once again to shed light on specific issues she feels strongly about.

“When a long time goes by and I haven’t been speaking out (or acting out) in the presence of other women and men, girls and boys, on issues we are collectively fighting for, I feel like I’m emptying out, shrinking up, and the problems of the world feel like they will engulf me,” she said.

“I read 2 newspapers a day and I ache. I think about polar bears and elephants and gorillas and I cry. I think about the children growing up in the constant stress and horror of war.”

The actress also wrote in her lengthy blog how she recently met with Michael Kaufman, founder of the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC), which is a global movement of men and boys seeking to end violence against women.

jane fonda
Jane Fonda

“I fear for our future,” she added. “But when I step back into my activism and hear what others are doing to make things better, safer, I feel empowered and emboldened. Try it some time. It helps if the issues you take on are things you feel in your gut, your deepest self.”