It seems like Jamie Foxx has a lot to look forward to! A source close to the beloved comedian recently revealed he is working alongside close friend Rafi Anteby on a brand new TV project — and it’s not the typical stuff you’d see from the Django Unchained star!

“They are working together on a major TV project that highlights important philanthropic and humanitarian causes in exotic places around the world,” the insider exclusively shared with Closer Weekly. “Rafi is going to host and Jamie is going to be a producer on it, and might make a few appearances.”

Rafi and Jamie
Elkhan Shahbazzade

The source explained that the 51-year-old actor and his close pal, who is “known in Hollywood for producing philanthropic and award show events,” hope to start filming by the end of late fall. According to the source, “each episode is going to be filmed at a different exotic location around the world.” So cool!

If you’re wondering if the new show will feature any other famous faces, the answer is yes! “There will be other celebrities involved and the celebrities will of course travel with them,” the source explained. “The focus is going to be on animals and kids so rebuilding schools, helping local villages, visiting animal conservatories, etc.”

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The insider dished that while Jamie and Rafi are dead-set on their new project, they’re currently waiting for the show to be picked up. “Right now, it’s a bidding war with major networks,” the source explained. “They’re hoping there will be a quick turn around from the time they’re done filming — which should be a few months — to when it’s going to air.”

The source told Closer that Jamie’s inspiration for his latest project comes from iconic record producer Quincy Jones.  “Jamie is inspired by Quincy and wants to follow in his path and focus on his philanthropic work,” the insider shared. “He’s done acting, singing and now producing a TV show is what’s next for him! His real motivation in doing this is to be the next Quincy Jones.”

We can’t wait to hear more updates on Jamie and Rafi’s upcoming gig!

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