Ever since James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly suffered a miscarriage in late 2019, the pair have been quite open about it all — and the actor’s love recently touched on how her has body has changed since the tragedy.

Kimberly, 42, took to Instagram on Thursday, January 9, to share a selfie of herself, and discussed her body. “Eccentric artists take selfies right? With all the health effects of SO MUCH that has happened to my body in the last few months and the pregnancy (for clarification on the congrats I’m getting, the pregnancy ended in Nov), I am now 35lbs more than my normal range of what’s heavy to me,” she wrote alongside the snap showing off her shape.

“Guess what?! Love all your shapes en route to your best health!” Kimberly continued. “And love all of you en route to who you want to become, which is most certainly ever changing anyhow. #2020yeartoshine #bethebreath #loveitall.” Take a look at the post below!

People were all about the message, as they took to the comments section to respond. “The real thing isn’t the weight but to feel good in your body and to be healthy … Just take a good care of yourself. That’s what matters,” one person said. Another added, “Your body’s looking after you. You look amazing.”

On the November 18th episode of Dancing With the Stars, the Dawson’s Creek alum, 42, revealed his longtime spouse had suffer a miscarriage. “My wife Kimberly went through every expectant parent’s worst nightmare. We lost the baby,” the actor said on the popular ABC program. “The little soul that we had expected to welcome into our family took a shortcut to whatever lies beyond. You never know why these things happen. That’s what I’ve been telling my kids.”

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Spring break’n

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While the family has had a tough time these last couple of months, they have found the strength to continue moving forward together — they even went on a Christmas RV trip. “Day two of our RV Christmas trip! Last week I could barely get out of bed,” she confessed. “Today, grounding on the river bedrock, watching the kids play, having @vanderjames family visit our campsite, getting a nap in the back of our RV With Gwen, fed the soul so hard. Got the bliss I asked for,” Kimberly said on Instagram.

It certainly looks like Kimberly and her family are slowly healing!