Halloween is right around the corner and James Van Der Beek already knows how he and his 5 kids — Olivia, 9, Joshua, 7, Annabel, 5, Emilia, 3, and Gwendolyn, 1 — will celebrate the holiday.

“Yeah my kids have had costumes for like last month and a half. So I think they’re getting tired of those. So I’ll pull up the big old costume bin in the basement and just let [them] go to town and have a creative jazz odyssey,” he revealed to Closer Weekly and other reporters at the October 28 episode of Dancing With the Stars.

James, who’s competing on the reality TV show with pro dancer Emma Slater, revealed he and his wife, Kimberly, were expecting baby No. 6, during the October 7 episode of the show. “We are so excited there’s a new little Van Der Beek in there,” he gushed to the world in early October.

James announced his wife was pregnant in a very personal way too. He aired a video of Kimberly’s ultrasound appointment on TV because he wanted to show his fans what exactly happens when you find out you’re expecting a baby. Sometimes the doctor may tell you something that you don’t really want to hear — which is what happened when he and Kimberly suffered multiple miscarriages.

“We’ve had a few appointments where we found out we were not adding to our family and so Kimberly decided to do it on camera, to open it up and allow people to go through the experience — good result or not good result,” he revealed. “Just to encourage people to talk about. It’s a part of life. It really helps to go through when you have the support of friends and family.”

However, since James’ baby announcement was so public, he decided he won’t be revealing the sex of his unborn child anytime soon. “We’re going to keep some secrets. We were pretty out there with the [announcement],” he joked.

We can’t wait for the Dawson’s Creek star to meet his new child! Everyone might be wondering if it’s going to be a boy or a girl, but we want to know what the dad of five will name the newest addition to his family once he or she arrives.