James Brolin has gained a lot of knowledge over the years, but the iconic Hollywood star’s older grandkids aren’t that interested in hearing his advice. The Life in Pieces actor jokes his grandson, Trevor Brolin and granddaughter Eden Brolin “listen somewhat” to his words of wisdom in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly.

“I think our relationship more is like fishing,” the 80-year-old hilariously explains, noting it’s not too often that Trevor, 32, or Eden, 26, come to him for help. “Yeah, no … I don’t know if anybody likes my advice.”


Although James humorously says his older grandkiddos think of him as “old stupid, old pop,” he knows for certain they pay attention to what he says. “I do hear them when I do talk. I hear them repeating what I said later without realizing it, so they did listen somewhat.”

The Westworld alum adores being a grandfather more than anything, so there’s no doubt he would be there for Trevor and Eden — whom son Josh Brolin, 52, shares with his first wife, Alice Adair — in a heartbeat. However, it’s been much harder because of their careers.

“Eden has moved to the countryside [in the] Woodstock area [of] upstate New York,” he explains to Closer, noting she also lives in Montana while starring on Paramount Network’s hit series Yellowstone. As for Trevor, he’s “in Albuquerque, [New Mexico] working a job” as an electrician.

While James says he “obviously [doesn’t] see them that much” nowadays, he make sure to keep in touch with Trevor and Eden. “I talk to them a couple of times a month,” he gushes. “Just, ‘Hi, how are you?'”

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The Marcus Welby, M.D. star also reveals how proud he is of Eden. “She’s doing so well,” the proud grandpa marvels. “She’s the sweetest girl and she’s been singing and playing the piano since I remember … since she was 7 years old. This is kind of all natural to her.”

Aside from Trevor and Eden, James is also the doting granddad of Josh’s daughter, Westlyn. The Men in Black 3 star shares his adorable baby girl, whom arrived in November 2018, with his third wife, Kathryn Boyd. The couple married in 2016.

Considering James takes his role as a grandfather so seriously, he couldn’t be more excited about Josh and Kathryn’s current pregnancy. After hearing the news that his fourth grandchild was on the way, the Academy Award winner says he and wife Barbra Streisand, 78, were “jumping” for joy.


“First, they told us very early on and said, ‘Don’t tell anybody,’ and I think that’s because [Kathryn] wanted to have her sonograms back and be sure of everything,” James sweetly reveals to Closer. “And then, when they found out it was another girl and [they] told us, we just were jumping up and down.”

Be sure to catch James as the narrator for the new Netflix/DC Comics series Sweet Tooth. Episodes of Life in Pieces are also currently streaming on CBS All Access.

Reporting by Diana Cooper