Time sure flies when you’re having fun with Barbra Streisand!

“I say ‘17 years together, 15 married,’ and everyone says, ‘What? Already?!’ But 15 years — it’s great!” James Brolin exclusively tells Closer of his relationship with the Oscar winner.

The handsome 73-year-old actor, though, recently revealed their romance almost never happened.

James Brolin Admits: “Barbara Streisand And I Go To Couples Therapy”

“Somebody set us up at a party and on the way, both of us picked up a cell phone and said, ‘I can’t do this. Let’s cancel.’ Then we both went, ‘Screw it,’ hung up and showed up.”

Still, there was another moment that could have thwarted his efforts with Barbra, who turns 72 on April 24.

“I’d just cut off all my dyed hair from Hotel, and it was gray with a little bit of copper,” James recalls.

“We sat down to dinner on a gorgeous July 1 night overlooking the Bel Air golf course and everybody was seated except her. She finally came around and said, ‘Who bleeped up your hair?’”

barbra streisand

The pair in 1998 at a White House Gala

That might’ve been a deal breaker for most men, but not James!

“I fell in love, right there,” he admits, adding, “This girl tells the truth! We got married two years to the day later. Together ever since!”

The actor lovingly adds, “I’m really lucky. I really hit it good!”