If you’re wondering how James Brolin and wife Barbra Streisand look so amazing, it’s thanks to their incredible workout routine! The iconic Life in Pieces actor says he feels “as strong as [he’s] ever been” while chatting about the couple’s fitness regimen in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly.

“It’s great because I would go in the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror and go, ‘What happened?'” the 80-year-old explains.

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James says everything changed when he was introduced to professional surfer Laird Hamilton more than five years ago. The Marcus Welby, M.D. star insists the world champion athlete and his wife, Gabrielle Reece, are “two of the greatest trainers in the world” and completely “turned [his] life around” when he started doing their workouts.

According to James, Laird and Gabrielle’s fitness routine includes exercises in the pool. The Golden Globe winner says the workouts are “challenging” because “a lot of it is [about] the control of your breath.”

“If you’re underwater, you’ve got to work your lungs — especially in today’s environment with the [coronavirus pandemic],” he explains. “Keeping your lungs in good shape is an important thing …  so that motivates me to get into the water every day.”

Aside from being “in the pool with the weights” every day, James and Barbra, 78, also enjoy doing “one hour of [the] sauna and one hour in the ice bath,” he tells Closer. “I have an ice machine and a tub. [It’s] amazing for people who know fitness.”

James Brolin Barbra Streisand

Although the longtime pair haven’t been able to work out with Laird and Gabrielle “in three months” because of the COVID-19 outbreak, James says the two are still staying focused.

“[Barbra] does at least three days of working out and then she’ll do something on the other days, like on the bicycle,” James shares. “She never misses and you know, you get me distracted and I’ll miss … and she never does.”

Despite having to compromise their inspiring workout routines, James and Barbra are happier than ever in quarantine together. The Westworld alum — who tied the knot with the Funny Girl star in 1998 — gushes over spending time with their blended family. James shares Josh Brolin and Jess Brolin with ex-wife Jane Agee and Molly Brolin with ex-wife Jan Smithers, while Barbra is the mom to her only son, Jason Gould, with her ex-husband, Elliott Gould.

“I’m so lucky because my whole family, everybody is quite loving,” he sweetly marvels to Closer. “I’m enjoying my wife so much right now and she feels the same way. We’re just so happy that we have each other and we’ve always gotten along.”

No wonder James and Barbra always have huge smiles on their faces!

Be sure to catch James as the narrator for the new Netflix/DC Comics series Sweet Tooth. Episodes of Life in Pieces are also currently streaming on CBS All Access.

Reporting by Diana Cooper