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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s “Secret Talent” Is Playing Matchmaker for Friends

Who needs a million dollar matchmaker when you have billion dollar matchmakers? Ivanka Trump recently admitted that she and husband Jared Kushner love playing matchmaker for their friends. The businesswoman appeared on The Sean Hannity Show on Monday, Oct. 23., and divulged their surprising favorite pastime.

"This is Jared and my secret talent — people don't realize it's our hidden skill, we're matchmakers," Ivanka said. "Seven marriages, zero divorces. Hopefully, God-willing that continues." Sean admitted that he once tried to set up one of Ivanka's assistants and created a short-lived dating website. She continued, "You tried to set her up and were almost successful, but what really excited me about this story is when I found out that you actually had a website where you were making matches."

Sean then admitted that he has also attempted to set couples up together, and even encouraged existing couples to get married. "I used to do these long book signings that would go on for hours and a cute couple would come up and I'd say "how long have you been dating," they'd say "three years" and I'd say "what are you waiting for,'" he said. "A lot of people appreciated it and they did get married. I even have a child named after me and dogs."

Well, we had no idea that so many people were so gifted with discovering new couples! And it makes total sense why Ivanka and Jared would enjoy setting up couples since their meeting was a result of a mutual friend. "If a high-profile person is not working with a personal matchmaker, mutual friends are trusted allies," celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti explained. "Ivanka and Jared were lucky ones; they met through mutual friends who thought that it could be a potential match because they were both in the real estate world." How cute!

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