It seems Tyra Banks’ time hosting NBC’s hit reality show America’s Got Talent may be coming to an end! According to a new report, the 45-year-old star has decided to move on to other projects following the success of her recent Freeform TV movie Life-Size 2. A source told Page Six, “Life-Size 2 went way beyond expectations. It was Freeform’s biggest premiere of the year. Executives were over the moon with the cult classic sequel. Tyra’s been inundated with producing and acting requests… she wants to produce and create TV. She will not be returning to AGT in the new year.”

Just last month, Tyra teased her America’s Got Talent exit during an interview with Access Live. When asked if she would be returning to the show in 2019, Tyra cryptically replied, “I don’t know. I think I had a really nice run with AGT. I had a lot a lot of fun. I’m really focusing on Life-Size, and really focusing on a lot of –– I’m going to be producing TV and I have a massive project starting next year. I’m not so sure, but if I don’t come back I had a lot of fun. A lot!”

Tyra Banks America's Got Talent
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“It is so massive,” Tyra then revealed about her upcoming project. “It is really making me look at everything I’m doing and saying, ‘What can I peel off? What can I not do? What can I truly focus on?’ It’s coming out in the fall of next year.” The mom-of-one added that her future work is “something that’s never been done before” and may make her “not do other projects.” We can’t wait to hear what Tyra is doing next!

Part of this story originally appeared on our sister site Life & Style