Sam Rockwell and his longtime partner, Leslie Bibb, are in it for the long haul! The pair have been dating since meeting in 2007, proving that their relationship is meant to last.

How Did Sam Rockwell Meet Leslie Bibb?

Sam and Leslie first met in October 2007 at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. At the time, he was filming Frost/Nixon. He asked the Iron Man alum on a date to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles soon after. The rest is history!

“She’s my beloved,” the Fosse/Verdon actor told Us Weekly in June 2018 of his longtime girlfriend. “She keeps me laughing. … She’s really talented and funny herself. She reminds me of a young Mary Tyler Moore.”

Who Is Leslie Bibb?

Leslie is a North Dakota-born actress and model, whose credits include appearances in The Big Easy, Popular, ER, Crossing Jordan, About a Boy and more. In 2024, she portrayed Dinah Donahue in Palm Royale, alongside Kristen Wiig, Ricky Martin, Carol Burnett and Laura Dern.

“A lot of my scenes were with Kristen, and Kristen is a hero of mine,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in April 2024. “I left this job a better actor having gotten the luck to be on these sets with these women; watching them work, and being led by Kristen, Laura, and Jayme [Lemons], because they really know how to run a show. Abe Sylvia and our writing team write the most delicious words. You don’t get that lucky.”

Sam and Leslie have also appeared in some movies together, including Iron Man 2 and Don Verdean.

Sam Rockwell partner Leslie Bibb
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Inside Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb’s Relationship

The secret to Sam and Leslie’s lasting relationship has been revealed.

“Sam and Leslie have an interesting, extremely sex-positive relationship even by Hollywood standards, and it’s managed to work for going on two decades, even without the benefit of kids or even a marriage license,” an insider told Closer in June 2024.

“When you’re around them, the physical attraction they have with one another is undeniable and they have the energy of a couple in their early 20s, not showbiz veterans twice that age,” the source added. “They just have this very intense, white-hot vibe and rock-solid connection that makes them one of the hottest couples out there, especially by Hollywood’s standards.”

Does Sam Rockwell Have Kids?

Sam and Leslie do not have any children. However, it seems like expanding their family is not entirely off the table.

“They haven’t openly ruled out the idea of a family together, but they’ve certainly put it off for a long time just because they enjoy each other and their jobs so much,” the insider said. “And Leslie has positioned herself for another re-invention by getting into the third season of The White Lotus, because that was a role literally every available actress in her age range was going after. Things are really looking up for her!”