Kelly Ripa couldn’t contain her excitement when she blurted out that Ryan Seacrest is set to host the American Idol reboot. But fans can’t help but wonder one thing since the big news got out: Is Ryan going to leave Live With Kelly and Ryan now?

While everything seems quite peachy on the surface, things aren’t going too well behind the scenes of the morning talk show. “The show is a wreck at the moment,” an insider told Life & Style. “[Kelly] feels stabbed in the back and believes she’s going to lose Ryan just like she lost Michael [Strahan].” Back in April 2016, Kelly’s former co-host Michael abruptly decided to leave Live to join Good Morning America without even giving Kelly a heads up. She was devastated and even took a few days off from work to cope.

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Kelly is scared she’s going to experience déjà vu again with Ryan this time, however, according to multiple reports, Ryan will balance both of the gigs just fine. It’s been said that he will host Idol in LA on Sunday nights and then quickly jet back to NYC to be there for Live With Kelly and Ryan for Monday through Friday. Although he’s attended the nationwide auditions in the past, he won’t be doing that for the revival to avoid conflicting with his Live With Kelly and Ryan role too much.

But, Kelly isn’t too happy about his complex schedule. “Kelly is truly pissed that, after all the time ABC spent negotiating with Ryan for Live, they would then buy the show that made him a household name, and take him away,” another source told Life & Style. “[Kelly] really thought Live would be Ryan’s focus.”

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And while the back and forth may seem doable to Ryan now, he could potentially get tired of being so busy, especially since he feels he’s not getting the most out of his Live With Kelly and Ryan experience. “Ryan thought the gig would very much be a joint co-hosting effort with Kelly. But he’s come to learn that Live is really Kelly’s show.” The next few months should be very interesting!