TV and Movie Characters From My Childhood Who Still Inspire Me Today

Growing up, I’m going to bet that your heroes — the people who had a profound influence on you — were different than mine. Oh, sure, we’ve got the commonality of the people we know personally like our parents, family, or friends, but then there are those we know of. And while there may be connections between your heroes and mine, there are some profound differences as well, notably that mine come from classic TV and movies. Other kids had astronauts, I had Captain Kirk of Star Trek. While Woodward and Bernstein were exposing Watergate, reporter Carl Kolchak was trying to expose the fact that there was a vampire loose in Las Vegas in The Night Stalker. The rest of the world had police officers, firemen, soldiers, and even spies keeping them safe, I had The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Superman, and James Bond.

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Pop culture has always played such an important role in my life, the real problem being I’ve never been able to let things go. For the most part, once a passion, always a passion, and I tend to just add more topics and characters into the mix. After all this time, it’s a wonder that there’s room for anything else in there.

What follows is a look at those movies and TV heroes that impacted me the most. The fact that I still enjoy them (not helped by the fact that so many of them have been rebooted over the years) might seem really nerdy to you, but I’ve made peace with the geeky side of myself. After all, I’ve made a career writing about the things that I love. There are worse things than that.