Has she ever heard of eggs?

Ina Garten — who is obviously known for her efforts in the kitchen — revealed in a new interview that she hasn't switched up her breakfast menu in 10 years. Yes, 10 years.

"I’ve had the same thing for breakfast every single day for ten years: coffee and McCann’s quick-cooking Irish oatmeal," the Barefoot Contessa star told Bon Appetit, adding that she adds "lots of salt" because "I don’t want it to taste like wallpaper paste." Who would have thought a chef like herself eats the same thing every day?!

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During the week, the Food Network host is okay with getting pre-made dinners as well as defrosting soup from the freezer. "I always have soup in the freezer that’s hearty enough to be a meal, like Tuscan white bean, split pea, cauliflower, or Loaves & Fishes‘ tortellini en brodo," she revealed. But dessert is always a big deal in the Garten household!

"While we watch TV, we always have granola for dessert," she confessed. "A little strawberry or plain yogurt, fruit that’s in season, and Bola granola. I buy granola because unless you can make something that’s better than what you’d buy, there’s no point in spending the time!"

However, the weekends is when Ina, 69, splurges and makes less-simple meals for herself and her husband of nearly 50 years, Jeffrey Garten. Maybe she's recently taken a break in the kitchen since she's seemingly been busy testing out recipes for her new cookbook!

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In January 2017, she teased the publication on Instagram. "Testing Butternut Squash Gratin for the next book. Tough day at the office! #Lunch," Ina wrote beside the pic shared with her 1 million followers. If she ends up authoring the piece, it would be the star's eleventh publication. We can only hope!

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