Comedian and writer Jay Leggett died Nov. 23 in Tomahawk, Wisconsin after collapsing on a deer hunt, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He was 50-years-old.

According to the Journal, Leggett’s death is believed to have been heart-related, but the final cause of death is still pending.

The comedian began his acting career in Chicago, performing with the ImprovOlympic comedy troupe in the late ‘80s. He then moved to Los Angeles and appeared on shows such as “In Living Color,” “Ally McBeal” and “ER.” The actor also wrote and produced the film “Employee of the Month,” starring Matt Dillon and Christina Applegate.

Leggett grew up in Tomahawk and frequently returned to the family cabin. He even made a documentary in 2011 about the county’s hunters. His latest film credit was for the 2013 short film "Merkin Penal."