Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are the best of friends and — as we recently learned — happy to step in if the other one is unavailable!

At least that’s what Ian did when director Brett Lotriet Best asked for Patrick’s help in proposing to his Star Trek-obsessed boyfriend, Khalid Shawwa.

Knowing how much his partner loves the sci-fi franchise, specifically Patrick’s Captain Picard, Brett created a cute proposal video, at one point holding up a sign that reads, “I searched the galaxy for Patrick Stewart and finally asked his best friend for help!"

In comes Ian — an equally awesome alternative — holding a clapperboard that bares Khalid’s nickname “Mookie” and the question “Will you marry me?”

The 75-year-old cheekily adds: "Khalid, I've got bad news for you — it's good news as well — but the bad news is, Patrick Stewart is married. I married him. Well, no, I was the minister at the wedding. He's not available," the Brit jokes of his BFF’s 2013 wedding, which he officiated.

"The good news is that Brett is available. So, think it over, do the right thing," he continues.

Brett follows up that awesome cameo by asking Khalid the big question himself, and luckily, he confirms on Twitter that boyfriend Khalid said yes!

Maybe the duo can convince both Ian and Patrick to stop by the ceremony!

Watch the adorable video below: