The trailer for Paramount Network’s documentary about Patrick Swayze — aptly titled I Am Patrick Swayze — is here and it’s more emotional than we could have imagined. In it, the late star is remembered by his friends, costars, and family members for being so much more than what audiences saw of him on the big screen.

“You’re only on this planet for so long,” the thrice Golden Globe-nominated actor says. “Go for it now.”

This documentary — debuting Sunday, August 18 — is perfectly timed to the celebrate Patrick’s birthday (he was born on that day in 1952) and airs about a month before the 10th anniversary of his death., which occurred on September 14, 2009. The world was forced to say goodbye to him after he lost a public battle with pancreatic cancer when he was just 57 years old.

Best known for roles in movies like 1987’s Dirty Dancing and 1991’s Point Break, Patrick is honored by colleagues like Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey and Sam Elliott as well as his widow Lisa Niemi and brother Don Swayze. Throughout the video, they discuss the complex nature of the man they knew, loved, and admired.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi
Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

“Patrick had something about him that was very rugged, but that also had that beautiful, gentle, sensuous ability to move,” says Demi Moore, who starred with him in 1990’s Ghost.

“He’d be bubbly and fun, and as soon as he’s by himself and alone, he would just crash,” says Lisa, who was his wife from 1975 until he sadly passed away. Patrick echoes this sentiment by saying, “I have these demons that run around in my insides.” Clearly there was more to the Hollywood heartthrob than we knew.

Just last year, Frank Whiteley — Patrick’s close friend and former bodyguard — shared a sweet memory of him with Closer Weekly. “I looked in the rearview mirror to see if he crawled over the seat,” Frank recalled about the time they were driving down a California highway at 65 mph. “He wasn’t in the vehicle. I look out and see a shadow on the ground and people [watching] in awe. He was standing on top of the Suburban with his arms out, doing the Titanic pose! He’s yelling at me to keep it at the same speed.”

Hopefully we’ll get more of these fond memories in I Am Patrick Swayze.