The holidays are about helping one another out! Hugh Laurie proved that to be totally true when he shared that one family’s Christmas presents were incorrectly sent to his home.

“Doting parent/uncle/aunt — I was sent your parcel by mistake, and can’t find any way of sending it back to Amazon to make sure you get it. If you can name the third item, I’ll post it to you direct,” the British actor shared via Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 6 next to a photo of the toys. Aww, how sweet!

Fans couldn’t help but react to this rather interesting scenario on the social media platform. One wrote, “Imagine having your Christmas gifts shipped to Hugh Laurie.?” Another added, “Your items were sent to my House, please come to collect it.?” Others pointed out what a nice and honest guy Hugh is.

We’re not surprised that Hugh is doing his best to give back this holiday season. The Chance star is also a proud dad to three adult children: Rebecca, Charles, and William. He and his wife, Jo Green, previously married in 1989.

Hugh has previously opened up about his battle with depression. “It affected everything, family and friends,” he told The Evening Standard in 2002. “I was a pain in the a– to have around. I was miserable and self-absorbed. It’s actually selfish to be depressed and not try and do anything about it.”

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He then told WSJ, “I think I’m very different now, for reasons I alluded to before, which I probably wouldn’t want to go into. I think I am less troubled than I was. Better. Actually better. I don’t know if that makes me a better person. But the moody introspection I’ve got more sort of under control. I see it coming, and I have ways of heading it off.” We’re so glad he’s feeling better for the holidays!