Hugh Jackman has been making the rounds to promote his new film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, all while sporting a large bandage across his nose.

That's due to the actor's recent surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma, his second skin cancer scare in less than a year. Unfortunately, the star doesn't think it will be his last.

"I'm realistic about the future and it's more than likely that I'll have at least one more [growth] but probably many more, which is not uncommon for an Aussie particularly from English stock," the Oscar nominee said at the film's Beijing premiere.

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He added, "Growing up in Australia…I don't remember ever being told to put sunscreen on."

But despite his past struggles, the 45-year-old has an optimistic outlook when it comes to the slow-growing form of cancer.

"The beauty of this is it's all preventable, it's just about getting proper check-ups," Hugh explained to the AP. "I can be a typical man, a little lazy, I couldn't be bothered and now I'm not lazy at all."

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The film, opening May 23, is Hugh's seventh in the X-Men franchise, and though he initially said he won't participate in any more after the next one — set for 2017 — he admits to getting a little carried away.

"I think I might have overplayed my hand a little bit by saying I'm almost sure that the next one will be my last," he said.