There’s people who have a few talents, and then there’s Hugh Jackman, who seems like he is good at everything he attempts. And what’s something else he can soon brag about? His basketball-trick skills.

The 50-year-old Australian actor recently found himself backstage at Madison Square Garden during a recent New York Knicks game, and he met up with two Harlem Globetrotter stars, Cheese Chisholm and Hot Shot Swanson. Needing a good pick-me-up for what was obviously a Knicks loss, Hugh decided to attempt to do exactly what Cheese had done just a few seconds earlier: spin the ball around his body.

Have a look!

Alright, so Hugh didn’t exactly shut everything down with his tricks, but this is a man who has probably never attempted this and yet somehow pulled off some decent tricks. Which is not something that a lot of people can do. Then again, Hugh exceeds at acting, singing, dancing, pulling off pranks, and not completely failing doing some basketball tricks in front of people who do it for a living. Later on, Hugh shared a story about seeing the Globetrotters play in Australia when he was a kid, and how amazed he was at the talent of the players.

Hugh Jackman
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Even though Hugh showed off some skills with a basketball, the Globetrotters didn’t ask him to be part of their team. Although we are going to assume Hugh would have said yes, especially since he once turned down the chance to be part of another big-time cast: the James Bond one. Hugh, upon being asked if he would like to be part of yet another franchise, said, “I was like, ‘It’s not for me.’ Anyway, so I go to see Casino Royale and I was like, ‘Oops,’” Hugh recalled, adding that he quickly thought, “Oh s–t,” and wished he had taken the gig.

We now fully expect Hugh’s next role to involve him doing basketball tricks while ordering a martini, shaken, not stirred.