Uh oh! After a thief recently broke into Notting Hill actor Hugh Grant‘s car, the 58-year-old star took to Twitter on Sunday, Jan. 13 to desperately ask his more than 330,000 followers to help him recover his stolen movie script.

“In the unlikely chance that anyone knows who broke into my car tonight and stole my bag, please try and persuade them to at least return my script,” Hugh pleaded online, adding that the document had “many weeks worth of notes and ideas” on it.

Hugh didn’t say if he was offering a reward for anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of his script but he did ask the thief to return his “children’s medical cards,” too. He ended his tweet with a location to send the stolen items to — a film company in west London.

Once Hugh’s fans got word that the actor was robbed, they immediately started to sympathize with him online. “Oh NO!!! That stinks. Perhaps have a little gaze round the local bins? I’ve heard that most thieves rifle through and grab what they want and then quickly ditch bags and wallets in bins or on the ground. Sending out all the good juju into the ether for you,” one fan commented on Twitter.

Another said, “Keep an eye on eBay for the script. So sorry this happened to you. I hope the new project will be equally as brilliant as A Very English Scandal is.” Since Hugh posted about his stolen script over the weekend, he has yet to send his fans an update, but hopefully, he’s somehow able to get the important document back!

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Though Hugh didn’t reveal the title of the script he’s working on, he is currently filming a new crime movie called, Toff Guys and is also working on the TV series The Undoing.