Radio personality Howard Stern knows how to flatter his wife! In a new interview with Closer Weekly, Beth Stern says she can’t put down her husband’s latest book, Howard Stern Comes Again, because of all the nice things he wrote about their relationship.

“I’m reading it over and over again, especially the chapter about me!” Beth, who hosted Kitten Bowl VII on February 2 on the Hallmark Channel, tells Closer. “What he wrote about me, it’s just the sweetest thing in the world and I just can’t even believe that he wrote the things that he wrote, and so yes I read it over and over and over again.”

howard stern Beth Ostrosky

In the book, Howard gets real about his life as the “King of All Media.” This is the third novel he has ever written and it was released in May 2019. He writes about his favorite interviews and even includes a few autobiographical moments in his life. Once the novel was completed he said, “I put my heart and soul into this book and could not be more proud of it.”

In the introduction Howard also wrote, “If you’re having trouble finding motivation in life and you’re looking for that extra kick in the ass, you will find it in these pages.”

Howard’s 11-year marriage to Beth has been a big part of his life. The couple got married in July 2008 and he re-proposed to his beau in October 2019. However, the moment wasn’t as romantic as the the radio star had planned. Taking to his SiriusXM show later that month, Howard revealed Beth was actually “pissed off” about the whole thing.

Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern

“I said to your producer, ‘Don’t tell my wife, but just sit her somewhere I can grab her pretty easily,’” he revealed on The Howard Stern Show. “She was pissed off at me, because she said, ‘You could have given me a heads up.’ But then it wouldn’t have been good.”

Don’t worry though, because Howard can be a romantic guy. “In the mornings, we have our coffee and he gives each cat attention — and to me that is romance, just loving our rescues,” Beth previously revealed to Closer Weekly.

Together, Howard and Beth have found homes for over 1, 200 cats and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! What a great couple.

Reporting by Diana Cooper