Wedding bells may be ringing soon for Sandra Bullock and boyfriend Bryan Randall. Ever since they got together back in 2015, they’ve been getting along so well. Part of that stems from them never being at odds when it comes to raising their kids that they welcomed from previous relationships.

“Their relationship works because Sandra and Bryan don’t play any games. There are no movie star tantrums from her and he’s not jealous of Sandra’s fame,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly. “They’re adults, they mesh really well together and they’re usually always on the same page when it comes to their relationship and raising children. What you see is what you get.”

Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall and her son

Sandra, 55, and Bryan, 53, have managed to make their blended family work so perfectly that the actress’ two kids — Louis, 9, and Laila, 7 — and Bryan’s daughter, Skylar, already think of themselves as one big happy family. It’s also helped Sandra and Bryan’s relationship too.

“In their eyes, and their kids minds, they’re parents and they’re as settled down as any couple they know,” another insider said. “Their blended families work, it’s pretty effortless, and they owe it all to Sandra opening her heart, and Bryan just being a cool, laid back partner and dad.”

Bryan also doesn’t plan on making the same mistakes again. He’s learned from his past and he doesn’t want to repeat it. “Bryan has admitted to friends that he made mistakes raising his daughter Skylar, he owns that, but that’s why he’s so hands-on with Louis and Laila,” the source admitted. “The happy couple have been seeing each other since 2015 and have done everything in their power to come together as one.”

Sandra Bullock, children Louis and Laila, and boyfriend Bryan Randall after Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.

You can bet that Sandra is already thinking about marrying Bryan and starting their lives together. They already share the same ideals when it comes to family. The only thing left is to make it official.

“Sandra and Bryan consider themselves a solid, committed, family unit,” a third insider shared with Closer. “They don’t talk about their relationship status that much, but it’s pretty clear what they have is a very special bond. Bryan proudly wears a wedding band on his wedding finger and there’s no doubt that he’s Louis and Laila’s dad.”

How cute!