HGTV hit Fixer Upper isn’t just faker than it appears, it might also be more expensive for the homeowners than you might realize. So, how much exactly does it cost to be on the show? Read on for all the details… but be forewarned that your shiplapped dreams might be crushed!

First, you have to have purchased a home — in the area of Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines’ hometown of Waco, TX, naturally — so all those house-hunting segments you see on the show are just a charade. Then, you’ve gotta pony up a minimum of $30,000 for the renovations, PopSugar has reported. Hey, these are the Chip and Jo we’re talking about — they’re in high demand! And actually, the reno is more of a bargain than it could be. All the work is done at cost, according to the Belleville News-Democrat, and HGTV covers the Gaines’ charges.

Once you’ve forked over the money for the renovation, though, you gotta loosen the purse strings again for the furniture and furnishings. Nope, Joanna’s handiwork doesn’t come free; you have to pay if you want to keep it. Magnolia Market rugs can cost more than $2,100, and even the wall art can run $150 a pop.

Well, at least you get to have a say in the renovation, right? Well… not so much. Chip and Joanna have complete control of the reno, according to Apartment Therapy, and you have to wait until filming ends to make any revisions to their grand design.

The expenses above may have left some Fixer Upper subjects with too much of a financial burden, as Apartment Therapy reported. One Fixer Upper house hit the market last summer, and another hit an Airbnb-type site a year prior. Still, if you and your checking account can swing a Fixer Upper appearance, you forever have bragging rights — it would be so cool to be on Chip and Jo’s show!