Sherri Shepherd credits her incredible 60-pound weight loss with being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which she said was the wakeup call she needed to improve her diet.

The View co-host also revealed an interesting weight-loss tip which she says has kept the pounds from creeping back on.

"I tell people to eat before you go to a restaurant. A lot of times, you go to a restaurant and you’re so hungry," she said.

"I eat before I go, because the point is to have great conversation. So, I’m already full and that helps me."

The 46-year-old also told ABC that she keeps healthy foods with her to stave off hunger pangs.

"I always carry apples and peanut butter in my purse to give me that boost of energy to get me through the day.”

Her diet advice is similar to Kirstie Alley's who earlier this week said she keeps trim over the holidays by filling up on healthy snacks before she goes to any Christmas parties.

Sherri admits that working out regularly has helped improve her health, though she does not spend hours in the gym every day.

“I do Zumba every night. I find a Zumba class, or put in my DVDs,” she said of the dance fitness routine she’s been doing for more than two years.