Juggling motherhood and a hectic Hollywood career can be overwhelming, that’s why Gisele Bundchen always makes sure to soak up as much time as she can with her family. The iconic supermodel revealed how she reconnects at home with husband Tom Brady and their kids Jack, Ben and Vivian.

“Our family tries to limit the amount of screen time. Technology and social media can be a wonderful platform to spread positivity and awareness, but I do believe it is important to stay present and mindful of how it is used,” the 39-year-old beauty explained to Marie Claire in an interview published on March 12. “The kids have an iPad where they can sometimes watch movies or play games, but they do have a time limit on that.”

Gisele Bundchen and son

Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games, Gisele prefers her kids to be active. “I encourage them to play together and be outside as much as possible,” she noted. “When they tell me they are bored, I tell them that is good, because this way they can think of something else that they want to do.”

Funny enough, the Devil Wears Prada actress joked it doesn’t take long before Jack, 12, Ben, 10, and Vivian, 7, find something to occupy their time with. “Usually, within a few minutes, they are running after each other around the house in some game they made up,” she dished. “Benny can also spend hours at his desk drawing, and Vivi plays in her room with her horses and Care Bears.”

While their kids have the freedom to do what they want during the day, the Brazilian model noted she and Tom do have a rule when it comes to using a phone or tablet at night.

Instagram/Tom Brady

“In our home, we don’t have electronics at the table or in bed,” she said. “This is a time we use to reconnect and catch up about our day. I do, however, understand the value in the connection that technology can bring as long as it is used in moderation.”

Gisele proved how much she and Tom love spending time with their kids as the longtime couple took Jack, Ben and Vivi horseback riding on Tuesday, March 10. The Lessons author gushed over the sweet family outing as she shared a series of videos on Instagram. So fun!