2017 marked 20 years since the series finale of the now-classic sitcom Roseanne, so fans of the Roseanne Barr and John Goodman-led show still have many questions about the bizarre final season.

Viewers will recall an undoubtedly strange ninth season that saw the Conner family winning the lottery, Dan Conner miraculously coming back to life despite suffering a fatal heart attack at the end of Season 8, the switching of romantic partners, and the introduction of gay characters.

After the Conners — your average, run-of-the-mill, blue-collar family struggling to make end’s meet and stay afloat — were first introduced, Roseanne’s hilarious fictional version of her life was ranked the most popular show on TV (yes, it beat out The Cosby show, by over 200,000 viewers). With the highly-anticipated reboot airing tonight, many fans are looking for a reminder of how Roseanne ended and where the characters were when we last saw them. Scroll down to find out!

How did Roseanne end?

Roseanne Conner’s husband died of a heart attack in Season 8, an aspect of the onscreen character’s life that she obviously did not like or accept. So, when writing the book of her life, she opted to change it. Dan Conner returns in Season 9, which can only be described as an altered, fictional version of the reality of Roseanne Conner’s life.

roseanne getty images

The cast of _Roseanne_.

Other things Roseanne switched around in her book were the relationships. Though Mark and Darlene were together and Becky and David were together, Roseanne swapped the partners. DJ ends up attending college. In the final scene, Roseanne ponders the book she has written, then heads upstairs. The audience hears her signature laugh for the last time.

Where are the Roseanne stars now?

Roseanne, 65, and her former co-stars are returning for a reprisal of the original comedy that still remains a classic in the hearts of many. Roseanne is a mom-of-five, who became a presidential nominee for the Peace and Freedom party in 2012.

Are Roseanne Barr and Laurie Metcalf still friends?

Laurie Metcalf played Jackie Harris on Roseanne, Roseanne’s on-screen best friend. The now 62-year-old actress will be on the reboot and has only had positive things to say about all her cast members in the press, so it would seem Roseanne and Laurie are still good friends.

roseanne barr and sara gilbert

Roseanne Barr and Sara Gilbert on set.

Did Roseanne win the lottery?

In Season 9 of Roseanne, it is revealed that Dan isn’t dead and that the Conner family, who so often struggled with money issues in all eight previous seasons, won the lottery. However, it was Roseanne’s fantasy that she wrote into her book, not what was actually happening to the family.

Did Roseanne have a baby on the show?

Yes! Avid fans of the series will, of course, remember Baby Jerry, the tiniest character on the show. As Roseanne struggled in real life to get pregnant and eventually conceived via IVF, she wrote pregnancy into the show for her character as well.

roseanne barr

Roseanne Barr and John Goodman on set.

Did Roseanne and Dan get divorced?

No, the couple did not divorce on the show. Alternatively, Dan dies of a heart attack in Season 8. Season 9 is completely Roseanne’s grief-fueled fantasy.

Did Roseanne wear a wig on the show?

Fans have often speculated if Roseanne wore a wig on Seasons 4 and 5. While it hasn’t been confirmed, real-life Roseanne was pregnant at the time and may possibly have suffered hair-thinning as one of the symptoms, which could be a potential reason that costume designers thought she needed help in the hair department.