Whatever Happened to the Cast From ‘House’? Here’s What Hugh Laurie and His Costars Are Up to Today

While there are plenty of medical dramas on television today, a show centered around a brilliant — and not very people friendly — doctor with a Vicodin addiction took the TV world by storm in 2004. But what is the cast from House doing these days now that the show has been off the air for years?

TV network Fox took a chance on the program about a group of doctors at New Jersey’s Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and it was obvious from the beginning that it would would be one of their mainstays. Season one alone logged in an average of 13 million viewers per episode — peaking in season three with almost 20 million viewers! The cast was led by Hugh Laurie, an English actor who snagged the role of Gregory House in part after showing off his incredible American accent.

Hugh Laure and House cast
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“The boldest thing they’ve done is put such a mean, unsympathetic character at the center of it,” Hugh once told USA Today about his role on the show. The Hollywood star also worked alongside Robert ChaseJennifer MorrisonJesse SpencerOmar Epps and Lisa Edelstein.

House would last for eight seasons, airing its final episode on May 21, 2012. However, it couldn’t have come at a better time for Hugh, who found himself struggling to continue to play the iconic character.

Hugh Laure and House cast

“At this distance it all sounds absurd. Ridiculous! After all, what was I doing other than playing about, telling stories with a very nice bunch of people?” the Golden Globe winner told Radio Times a year after the program wrapped up. “What could be constricting about that? But the repetition of any routine, day after month after year, can turn into a bit of a nightmare.”

“I had some pretty bleak times, dark days when it seemed like there was no escape,” he continued. “And having a very Presbyterian work ethic, I was determined never to be late, not to miss a single day’s filming. You wouldn’t catch me phoning in to say, ‘I think I may be coming down with the flu.’ But there were times when I’d think, ‘If I were just to have an accident on the way to the studio and win a couple of days off to recover, how brilliant would that be?’” And yet, he will always hold the character in his heart.

“I love the character and I always will,” The Night Manager story told Today during an interview. So good to hear!

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