A horse that Queen Elizabeth was very close to has unfortunately passed away.

The London Metropolitan Police announced on Twitter that on Jan. 2, the white horse named PH Keston had died recently. The tweet read, “PH Keston regularly escorted HM The Queen on various state events and other high profile occasions. He was a real crowed pleaser with people around London. Thank you for your service Keston. Rip.” A few photos of the late horse were also shared along with the tweet.

Many people were of course heartbroken by the news, as reactions poured in. “Oh no! #RIP PH Keston. Thank you for all your hard work and service. Sending lots of Brodie love to all your stable mates and colleagues,” one Twitter user wrote. “He was always a pleasure to have around when at the vets! Thank you for your service PH Keston. May you run free now,” another person wrote. One Twitter user commented on how it was a tragic day for the London police department, saying, “A sad day for the force. Heroes come in all forms. R.I.P.”

Queen Elizabeth
Getty Images

According to People, the 92-year-old was always a fan of horses, as she was given a Shetland pony at the age of four. The Queen also still attends the Windsor Horse Show annually and watches the horses race. In fact, the Queen has made $11 million betting on the races over the last 30 years.

This isn’t the first animal associated with the Queen who has passed, as her corgi Whisper also died last October. The dog’s death brought to an end a 85-year tradition, as Her Majesty has kept corgis by her side since 1933.  The Queen still does have two more dogs to keep her company at the palace.

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