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8 of the Messiest Actress/Director Hookups of All Time

There’s nothing more common in Hollywood than actresses and directors dating each other — however, not all pairings have happy endings, and when you mix business with pleasure, it’s the perfect concoction for cheaters to run rampant. In fact, many high-profile celebrity couples have started a relationship while still being married to someone else. Although infidelity is still considered scandalous, even in 2017, the affairs keep happening, and they always seem to be between actresses and directors.

Now, not all actor/director couples are shrouded in controversy. In fact, several Hollywood power couples began as on-set hookups that blossomed into something more. It makes sense, too. Many famous directors have credited their leading female stars as being their muses, and when you’re someone’s muse, it makes sense that love will grow from that.

Take Cybill Shepherd and Peter Bogdanovich for instance. Peter discovered Cybill when she was an unknown model. He cast her as the lead in his film and eventually fell in love with her, much to the chagrin of his then-wife of 10 years, who he had two children with. He and Cybill continued their relationship for several years before their split, but according to Cybill, infidelity is hard to avoid in Hollywood.

“It’s not a good idea to date your leading men, but sometimes it’s hard not to,” Cybil boldly admitted in 2008. “I got that out of the way with my first film, where I had affairs with Jeff Bridges and Peter Bogdanovich. It’s a risk.” She later wrote about all her famous affairs in a memoir, revealing that she almost hooked up with fellow Moonlighting co-star Bruce Willis before they both changed their mind because of their work relationship. We guess sometimes stars know where to draw the line between work and pleasure — sometimes.

Check out the gallery below to see actress/director couples whose relationships were shrouded with infidelity.