What a great moment! Hoda Kotb got the surprise of a lifetime when she spotted her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, sitting front row at her first episode of Today in front of a live audience. As soon as she saw him, Hoda walked over to give her beau the biggest hug and kiss.

“You know when there are big moments in your life? It’s your wedding, it’s your first job, it’s the kids are running around. Sometimes you need to take one second and just literally sit in the moment,” she said after taking her seat on stage. “You guys, thank you for coming, for traveling from all around.”


Joel sat next to cohost Jenna Bush Hager‘s husband, Henry Hager. The duo looked so proud watching their loved ones work on the set of their new studio location inside Rockefeller Plaza for Hoda & Jenna & Friends, the new name for their fourth-hour show on Thursdays and Fridays.

After the pair took their seats in front of their new live studio audience, the brunette beauty explained why it was so cool to have Joel there for the debut of their new venture.

“When everybody is busy in life, they’re busy. Joel had a really, really, really super busy day at work and I didn’t even ask him to come,” Hoda explained. “I didn’t bring it up, and I didn’t want him to feel bad and say he can’t come so I didn’t bring it up. And then, I sent him a text and said, ‘If you want to come any Thursday?’ And he said, ‘How about this Thursday? I’m so glad you asked.’” Aww!


“Anyway, it’s super sweet,” she added.

However, the surprises didn’t end there. When Hoda and Jenna started to wrap up the show, Hoda’s daughter Haley Joy, 2, ran out on stage to give her mother a flower.

“I love you, babe,” the TV personality gushed. She then gave her little one a sweet kiss on the cheek before making her exit off stage.

Sounds like Hoda had a pretty awesome day!