Amid New York City’s heat wave, Hoda Kotb has been spending time by the pool with her two daughters, Haley and Hope, this summer. The Today host revealed that she went skinny-dipping with her kids to combat the rising temperatures in the Big Apple.

“We skinny-dipped! It was so fun! My kids were screaming. They were literally shrieking with delight,” Hoda, 59, told guest cohost Sheinelle Jones during an episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna on Monday, June 24.

“Time out! There’s too many things happening in my mind. I have to calm my mind,” Sheinelle, 46, asked Hoda in disbelief. “You went skinny-dipping with your children?”

“Yeah. Yeah. One of my dear friends … her husband, who was barbecuing, was like this … ” Hoda said while holding up her cue cards in front of her face. “He literally had a paper plate he was holding up. We were screaming.”

“I’m just saying, like, the husband’s on the grill and y’all are just frolicking in the water?” Sheinelle asked.

Sheinelle went on to say that she has never gone skinny-dipping in her life, leading Hoda to explain why she decided to do it with her children.

“I said to my kids, ‘This is our day.’ The towels were right there. We were running inside screaming the whole time. It was so fun,” the Hope Is a Rainbow author explained.

Hoda Kotb Says She Went Skinny-Dipping With Her Daughters
Courtesy of Hoda Kotb/Instagram

“Just tell them there’s a time and a place,” Sheinelle joked, adding, “You’re such a good mom.”

Hoda has been enjoying her summer as she recently made a big change with her kids, moving out of their old home and into a new one earlier this month.

“I literally was sitting at my desk this morning, where I sit every single morning. I light a candle, I have my journal, I do my stuff. And I thought to myself, ‘This is the last Monday I’ll be sitting at this desk,’ ‘cause we’re moving this week,” Hoda told cohost Jenna Bush Hager during a Today episode on June 3.

She raised Haley, 7, and Hope, 5, in the home and was finding it hard to part with the memories made there.

“I remember them trying to crawl up the stairs and I remember, now, how they race up and down,” she said during the emotional segment. “And I was thinking about the very first time we brought them home and carried them up those stairs in that car seat and placed them in a little thing and all the things that happened there. And I was looking through old videos of them, when they were so little, and it’s like you want to hold onto things and you want to let go.”

Hoda told Today viewers that her new home is located somewhere in the NYC area.

“The girls are apparently excited, even though Haley was a little sad because she’s already made some close friends in school,” an insider told Closer of the move in March. “Hope is only 4, so she’s ready for the adventure.”