Hillary Clinton is known for many things — one of which is her love of pantsuits.

Despite recently making headlines for using a personal (and private) email account instead of a Government-issued one while working as the US Secretary of State, the politician has remained in good spirits and even joked about her wardrobe choices.

hillary clinton

Hillary in two of her many colorful pantsuits. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

“Over the years people have read a lot of different things into my pantsuits,” Hillary, 67, said in a new interview while, ironically, wearing a deep purple pantsuit. “Despite what you might think, this outfit is not actually white and gold.”

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Mrs. Clinton’s “white and gold” comment refers to a mysterious photo of a dress that went viral late last week. The garment divided the Internet when some people became convinced the royal blue dress with black lace detailing was actually white and gold in color. The photo was, in fact, simply an optical allusion.

"the dress"

“The Dress” became an internet sensation last week.

Kudos to Hillary for not losing her sense of humor in the wake of her email faux pas!

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