These HGTV Stars Design Homes for a Living! Take a Look Inside Their Humble Abodes

When watching HGTV, there’s one thing all the stars on the network have in common — they all live in gorgeous homes. Considering they all design houses for a living, we would hope their dwellings would look as equally pristine and perfect as the ones they renovate on TV, and they do! From Christina Anstead‘s California mansion to Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ charming farmhouse filled with shiplap, we wish we could live in all their humble abodes.

In fact, Joanna is already thinking about ways she can make her home even cozier. “Now that we’re settling into the house, I want things to be comfortable,” the Fixer Upper alum told Country Living in 2017. “Trying to find that balance of a really pretty home that’s livable and fun and comfortable, but also it’s just practical. I think that’s one of the things I love the most is that challenge of kind of both worlds.”

Luckily for her, she has Chip to help out around the house. The duo share their large home with their kids, Crew, Drake, Emmie, Ella and Duke, and they all love hanging out there as much as their mom. By adding a pop of color to the house, Joanna has found the perfect way to make it more inviting.

“The other day we were doing a real-estate day for the show, and [we found] this piano that was dusted over,” she explained. “It was the only thing left, and I got it for a good deal. When we got it home and cleaned it up, it was literally the same exact color as Magnolia green — it was meant to be!”

The piano’s beautiful color matches all of the greenery in Jo’s home. She designed a “fun indoor herb garden” above her kitchen counter and it adds so much life to the room. “For me, I still have young kids so if I’m going to do color and fun, this is the time to do it,” she said.

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