Canadian realtor David Visentin rose to fame on the HGTV series Love It or List It in 2008. He and cohost Hilary Farr found instant success on the network with their onscreen banter. Outside of the series, David married his wife, Krista Visentin, in 2006. 

David grew up in Toronto and got into real estate after watching his father run a successful company of his own for many years. In 1987, he joined Country Living Realty and began selling houses. After more than two decades in the industry, the realtor was enlisted to help homeowners find their dream homes on Love It or List It. His rapport and friendship with Hilary has always kept fans tuning in over the years.

“Hilary and I got along right off the bat,” the Brother vs. Brother judge told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s the perfect relationship. We allow each other to say exactly what the other one feels even if it’s irrational. And then we get over it and move on.”

HGTV Host David Visentin's Wife: Meet Krista Visentin
Courtesy of Hilary Farr/Instagram

David and Krista got married in 2006, two years before the show aired on television. Much like her husband, the Canadian beauty is also a realtor and supported him as he became a television sensation. Though David became one of the most popular figures on HGTV, most of the details about his marriage have been kept private. The couple welcomed their only son, Logan Visentin, in 2011. 

On social media, David also keeps his personal life under wraps, promoting Love It or List It in nearly all of his Instagram posts. Krista does not have any known social media accounts. One thing that is clear is how much HGTV changed David’s life and forged new friendships and working relationships.

“We’re good friends, we hang out outside of the show,” David told about his relationship with Hilary. “We go out for dinners, talk about the show, talk about life. But we’re both fairly competitive. So, even outside of the show, we’ve been known to banter and we have to be very careful when we’re in public because sometimes we’ll just start in on each other. What you see on the show is kind of our relationship.”