The Fonz is the world’s friendliest foodie! Happy Days icon Henry Winkler is chewing up the scenery — and the food — as he tours Britain with his Fonz and Beyond comedy show while promoting his memoir Being Henry.

The big-hearted star is also treating some lucky folks to meals. The 78-year-old actor and producer is seeking out the finest eateries throughout the U.K. and inviting anyone who’s interested to join him.

“He’s looking for the places the locals eat,” a source exclusively tells Closer. “He’s even picking up the tab for some of those he meets along the way!”

At the famed Turnbull’s Butcher in Northumberland, Henry bought several of their famous pork pies and handed them out to nearby fans. He also treated for lunch at the Alnwick Deli in the Food Hall.

Turnbull’s sales and marketing manager, Matthew Slack, says, “He took the time to speak to customers in the queue to be served. He spoke to everyone who greeted him in-store!”

No doubt Henry left a good taste in the mouths of those he encountered! “Mr. Winkler has been making plenty of friends,” says the source. “And he’s sure to sell a lot of books to his old and new fans!”