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Henry Winkler Is Most Happy With His Kids — Meet the TV Star’s 2 Grown Children

If you want to talk all about Happy DaysHenry Winkler will probably tell you that he feels just that when he’s hanging out with his kids — and it’s time you get to know the star’s two grown children.

The actor, 74, welcomed his first child in 1980, as he and his wife Stacey welcomed Zoe. That would not be it for Henry in the kids department. His first and only son, Max, would soon follow in 1983. While Henry is of course all about his family, he did once reveal the ups and downs of raising children while under the spotlight.

“One of the challenges was to make sure that the children were kept out of the public eye,” the Golden Globe winner told Life of Dad in an interview. “Another challenge was to make sure that our home life was as normal and consistent as possible. And a third major challenge was to make sure that the children were not spoiled.”

Henry Winkler son Max
Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

“I think boundaries are unbelievably important to help a child to feel secure,” he continued. “Chores is another concept that was important to me. Our children were great negotiators. I did their chores.” Since his little ones aren’t exactly small anymore, Henry even told the outlet some advice for all the dads out there.

“Children do not break so easily. At all costs, whether you are late or not, you can take that extra moment to listen to what they have to say,” he explained, noting that he knows exactly what he wants to be remembered by 100 years from now.

Henry WInkler daughter Zoe
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“My children’s children,” he said. And that should come as no surprise, as the Barry actor is also loving his role as a grandfather.

“Henry’s new show Barry has put him back on top and he’s making a ton of money,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly. “He’s a totally selfless guy though and he’s not sinking his new fortune into cars or real estate, instead he’s just spoiling his family, especially his grandkids. He loves giving his family generous gifts but he also dotes on them in a non-materialistic way too by spending time and reading them the stories that he’s written.” So great!

Now scroll on down to meet Henry’s two kids!