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Helen Hunt Rocks a Cute Camouflage Top During a Very Busy Day in L.A. — See the Chic Look!

Actress Helen Hunt has been very busy these days since she rebooted her hit TV show Mad About You. Most recently, she was seen sporting a camouflage shirt with washed blue jeans on Tuesday, January 7, when she was running errands around Los Angeles.

Although Helen, 56, didn’t bring anyone with her to help her make her rounds around town, she did say she has a really great relationship with her costar Paul Reiser. In fact, when they were asked to film the reboot, Paul, 63, said it felt like no time had passed between him and the rest of the cast.

“It really took no transition at all,” he explained to People in an interview. “We were all so fond of each other and we spent seven years together. The minute we walked into the space, it was so familiar. It actually felt weird that it didn’t feel weird.”

Plus, Paul likes how the story has progressed since the series went off the air in 1999. “For years I would’ve said, ‘Absolutely no. We never would do it,’” he explained about the show in a separate interview with People. “Because I was very proud of how we ended it really well. We even told the future a little bit, so our thinking at the time was, ‘Let’s make sure we never get tempted to come back. Let’s tell them what happens.’”

“Now, because everybody’s talking about it, I started to think, ‘Maybe if there’s a story we could come up with.’ To me, it’s interesting when I see my kids are growing and leaving the house. It’s like, ‘Oh.’ It’s like that moment when you get married. It’s like we’re in a new world that we don’t know the rules of,” he added.

We can see why fans love this series so much! It’s all about spending time with your loved ones in the most hilarious way possible.

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