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Helen Mirren’s Bikini Photos Prove She’s ‘The Queen’ of the Beach! See Her Swimsuit Looks 

Living her best life! Helen Mirren is kept pretty busy with her acting roles but loves hitting the beach any chance she gets. The Academy Award winner has had so many iconic swimsuit moments over the years. 

In 2008, The Queen actress went viral for her gorgeous bikini photos while vacationing in Italy with her husband, Taylor Hackford. During the beach day, she rocked a red two-piece with white trim. Her toned abs were on full display in the bathing suit as she walked along the sand. Years later, she described how the famous pictures came about. 

“So, we were there [on an Italian beach], swimming a little bit, lying in the sun and Taylor said, ‘Stand up, I want to take a picture of you,'” she explained during a September 2019 interview with Sam Rubin. “So, I stood up and sucked my tummy in because my husband was taking my photo. I tried to suck my cheeks in. I tried to look … good.”

Helen’s fans have been eager to know some of her biggest beauty secrets that have helped her maintain her age-defying glow. 

“I love castor oil. I use a little bit in my hair — very, very little. I use it on my fingernails. I use it on my skin,” she revealed in an April 2022 interview with People. “Castor oil’s amazing. A tiny bit on your hair gives it a little shine, a little separation. [I use it on my] eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails — just rub it in.”

In addition to castor oil becoming a part of her daily routine, the Shazam! Fury of the Gods star dished on her fitness regimen. 

“I try to do at least 20 minutes, a bit of stretching and stuff like that. I don’t do anything exhausting; I can’t stand the treadmill,” she admitted. “I always think: Do everything but don’t do too much of anything. That’s my idea.”

The Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award recipient had the best advice about embracing all parts of aging and taking care of yourself.

“My advice is to work from the inside out,” Helen shared during an October 2021 interview with Vogue. “First of all, take control of your diet and find one that makes you feel good. I’m the first one at the fish and chips, but what you’re putting inside your body does influence how you feel about yourself, so start there.”

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