It took two decades for Mad About You to return, but fans are sure glad that it did — and Helen Hunt couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

“We shot it very quickly after working on it for years and I feel very proud of it,” the 56-year-old told Closer Weekly and other reporters while at the PBS Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour on Friday, January 10. “It was everybody’s heart and soul and love for each other and the material was poured in and I’m proud of it. Now I don’t know what comes next.” The mother-of-two starred alongside fellow actor Paul Reiser — another reason the reboot worked so well.

“The rhythm between Paul and I is just there. That’s not even something we should get any credit for,” the Oscar winner explained. “It’s just there, but the writing is of course always the secret weapon, and we had Peter Tolan and a room full of great writers. A lot of time because no one wanted to make it for awhile, which surprised us quite a bit. We thought we’d be fighting off offers and then suddenly nobody wanted it for quite awhile.”

Helen Hunt Paul Reiser
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“We had all this time to make a plan and rethink it and rethink it and try to walk the line,” the actress continued. “It’s always walked between being real, and being funny, and being silly, and being deep and luckily I have in Paul a partner who I never have to go out on a limb with an opinion because we almost always agree. If we don’t we’re interested in the other’s opinion. So it was a pretty joyful experience.”

As for if there will be another season of the popular show, well that’s still up in the air. “No one has asked. So I can’t say we’re doing another season because no one has asked us to do another season,” the Twister costar said.

Helen Hunt
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Paul has also gushed about sharing a set with his costar again after so many years. “It really took no transition at all,” the 63-year-old told People. “We were all so fond of each other and we spent seven years together. The minute we walked into the space, it was so familiar. It actually felt weird that it didn’t feel weird.”

We truly hope we get to see Helen and Paul again for another season!