Is there anything Steve Martin can’t do?! We knew the actor liked to play the banjo, but we didn’t know he was talented enough to win a Grammy!

The “It’s Complicated” star seemed just as surprised as we were to learn he had won Best American Roots Song with writing partner Edie Brickell at last night’s Grammy Awards!

“This has been a very exciting day,” the comedian said with a smile in the pressroom after the show. “As I said earlier, I never thought in my life that I would ever win an award for song writing.”

Martin made sure to thank Brickell, who sings with him on the winning track, “Love Has Come For You.”

“I got very lucky teaming up with Edie, not only on this song, but on many other songs.

“It’s been a great climax to my banjo playing and musical career,” he added.

The 68-year-old has played the banjo since he was 17, but he’s still recognized primarily for his successful acting career, though he hasn’t acted since 2011’s “The Big Year.”

steve martin

“It kind of works in a strange way because I never really collaborated with anyone in music and so I had these raft of banjo melodies that kind of flowed around…” Martin said of his venture into song writing.

“I’ve been writing banjo music for a long, long time and I’ve even written lyrics myself or songs, but I’ve never collaborated and didn’t know how it worked at all…” admitted the Emmy winner.

“So Edie and I met and I would just literally email melodies and banjo tunes to her and within usually 24 hours she would send back a completed song with lyric,” Martin shared.

Well it looks like the duo’s partnership has certainly paid off! And now that Martin has won a Grammy, here’s hoping that more fans will be introduced to his music!

Listen to Martin and Brickell’s award-winning song, “Love Has Come For You,” below!