28 Celebrity Sons Who Grew up to Be Just as Handsome as Their Famous Dads

As if having famous parents weren’t lucky enough, these celebrity sons have also won the genetic lottery. From Will Smith to Jude Law, these famous dads have a lot to be proud of! Because so many of these offsprings are blessed in the looks department, several have launched careers in modeling. For example, Judd’s son, Rafferty, is a model who has walked for Tommy Hilfiger and even strutted down the runway at Milan Fashion Week. On top of that impressive resume, he’s also an aspiring musician! “I would love to keep evolving with my band, recording more songs, and touring. I think I will always be in be in music!” he told Teen Vogue back in 2014.

When it comes to the entertainment industry, it’s full of talented celebrity kids passing on the torch of their famous parents. And there’s a reason for that too, and it goes beyond handsome good looks (although that totally helps too). “They have an authentic pedigree, which differentiates them from models or bloggers,” Karinna Nobbs, senior lecturer in digital fashion strategy at the British School of Fashion said about the phenomenon. “You also get the attention of older consumers who grew up with their parents, as there is a curiosity as to what these children look like. This helps them to stand out in a noisy fashion environment.” She’s certainly right about that! Check out the gallery below to see pics of celebrity sons who grew up handsome.